A.V. Roe is an author of kinky erotic stories, commonly known as SMUT. Below are links to his other works.

OROEOur Rules Of Engagement is a four part saga about a polyamorous family of pilots.
Our Rules Of Engagement

ABC Room CoverThe ABC Room is a very kinky, romantic, polyamorous short story.
The ABC Room

Karnel DebuggerKarnel Debugger is a short story, paranormal, comic tale about a kinky method for debugging archaic software.
Karnel Debugger

LRTC coverLast River To Cross is a kinky paranormal novella.
Last River To Cross

SAjpgStrange Attractors is a kinky, short, polyamorous story of F/F romance.
Strange Attractors

Tomboy SlutThe Tomboy Slut series are 8 very kinky short stories about a nymphomaniac tomboy slut and a "Reluctant Dom".
Tomboy Slut

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In Love With The Librarian

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More than a decade after his first and only summer MILF crush, Tyrone, a graduate student hunk, serendipitously meets a nerdy college co-ed who is in every meaningful way the woman he would never have, yet can't get out of his erotic dreams. Josie is a genuine, four eyed, geeky, genius undergraduate student nobody, who has never had the nerve to hit on a guy, especially a handsome grad student who just arrived on campus. But the Student Union is crowded so she sits across from Tyrone for lunch. On a whim, she introduces herself. Little does she know how smitten he is with the cute nerd with the infectious smile and inviting eyes. Sometimes, the heart knows. Josie assists Tyrone in finding campus housing, igniting a romantic entanglement that no one could possibly foresee binding three souls in a kinky, polyamorous triad with the MILF in Ty's dreams. When Erin, the enigmatic research librarian at the university, is reunited with the teenager she lusted for, their relationship is no longer taboo and sparks fly.

Caution: this is a novella in the erotica genre. It involves adult themes and should only be read by by adult readers, 18 and over. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.

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