A.V. Roe is an author of kinky erotic stories, commonly known as SMUT. Below are links to his other works.

OROEOur Rules Of Engagement is a four part saga about a polyamorous family of pilots.
Our Rules Of Engagement

ABC Room CoverThe ABC Room is a very kinky, romantic, polyamorous short story.
The ABC Room

ILWTL coverIn Love With The Librarian is a polyamorous, MILF, Triad novella.
In Love With The Librarian

Karnel DebuggerKarnel Debugger is a short story, paranormal, comic tale about a kinky method for debugging archaic software.
Karnel Debugger

SAjpgStrange Attractors is a kinky, short, polyamorous story of F/F romance.
Strange Attractors

Tomboy SlutThe Tomboy Slut series are 8 very kinky short stories about a nymphomaniac tomboy slut and a "Reluctant Dom".
Tomboy Slut

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Last River To Cross

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LRTC cover

Last River To Cross is a paranormal novella about facing mortality on your own terms, written in the erotica genre. Will a succubus fall in love with a mortal while fulfilling his wildest sexual fantasies? When an aging author of erotica boards the Amtrak Empire Builder as it heads West across many rivers, he will live out his most erotic fantasies with the characters he created in his smutty stories, when he meets a succubus on vacation. After they bond, it's inevitable that he will cross his Last River on their kinky train journey together.

Aging author A.V. Roe boards the Amtrak Empire Builder in La Crosse, WI, on his way home to Oregon during his summer vacation. He's putting the finishing touches on his last novella. Coincidentally, a succubus named Cynthia is taking a long needed vacation between assignments, having decided to take the train for a leisurely break in her duties of damning evil souls to hell. Traveling from Chicago to Washington state to meet her next victim, they end up in adjoining sleeper compartments and she senses an uncanny attraction to the writer of erotic sexual fantasy. During the first night of the trip, she enters his compartment and gives him an unforgettable wet dream. While in the compartment, she sees the manuscript he is editing on his computer and reads his last story, only to realize that she is his protagonist. Curious about all of his stories, she reads the other works he has written that are stored on his computer and becomes familiar with his polyamorous characters.

The next day, having taken the form of his wet dream heroine, a woman from his past, they bond in a tumultuous sexual encounter after he accepts the inevitable if they become lovers. The rest of the trip is filled with his ultimate sexual fantasies as he spends a day with each of the main characters in the sexual escapades his stories are noted for. However, for Cynthia, something entirely unexpected befalls her. The possibility she is falling in love with a mortal, something that is beyond her comprehension.

Their trip reaches its ultimate climax when the author gets to his Last River To Cross.

Caution: this is a novella in the erotica genre, where the main theme involves a paranormal succubus. It involves adult themes and should only be read by by readers, 18 and over. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.

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