A.V. Roe is an author of kinky erotic stories, commonly known as SMUT. Below are links to his other works.

OROEOur Rules Of Engagement is a four part saga about a polyamorous family of pilots.
Our Rules Of Engagement

ABC Room CoverThe ABC Room is a kinky short story.
The ABC Room

ILWTL coverIn Love With The Librarian is a polyamorous, MILF, Triad novella.
In Love With The Librarian

Karnel DebuggerKarnel Debugger is a short story, paranormal, comic tale about a kinky method for debugging archaic software.
Karnel Debugger

LRTC coverLast River To Cross is a kinky paranormal novella.
Last River To Cross

Tomboy SlutThe Tomboy Slut series are 8 very kinky short stories about a nymphomaniac tomboy slut and a "Reluctant Dom".
Tomboy Slut

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Strange Attractors

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Strange Attractors is a kinky short story in the erotica genre.

Everyone believes they have clear cut, well thought out criteria for the type of person they will fall in love with. Yet, often we are attracted to a person who in no way fits the parameters we think are so important. When that happens, serendipity controls our erotic mind and only Chaos Theory can define the outcome of the relationship.

When an exotically inked waif on a broken down Harley is rescued by a polyamorous family, she is introduced into a world where love is limitless and sexual exploration is unbounded. Bathed in unconditional love from her new extended family, her demons recede, her mind and body heal, and she finds that love can come from the most unexpected directions. Her immediate and deepest bonds are formed with the toddlers of the household, who capture her heart from their first contact, as only children can. Though believing she is straight, a new kind of love develops for the bisexual lovers in her new realm. They teach her that sexual pleasure comes in many forms, from male and female partners, in any number. But when an odd lesbian couple comes to visit and cavort with the women of the household on "Slut Night", serendipity steps in and catapults two women, who were sure they understood their sexuality and the type of person they could fall in love with, into an attraction that can only be described by Chaos Theory.

Follow Zoe and Gael as they explore their emotions and their erotic desires, caused by their inexplicable attraction.

Caution, this is a short story in the erotica genre, where the main theme is lesbian and bisexual love. It involves adult themes and should only be read by by adult readers, 18 and over. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older.

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