A.V. Roe is an author of kinky erotic stories, commonly known as SMUT. Below are links to his other works.

OROEOur Rules Of Engagement is a four part saga about a polyamorous family of pilots.
Our Rules Of Engagement

ILWTL coverIn Love With The Librarian is a polyamorous, MILF, Triad novella.
In Love With The Librarian

Karnel DebuggerKarnel Debugger is a short story, paranormal, comic tale about a kinky method for debugging archaic software.
Karnel Debugger

LRTC coverLast River To Cross is a kinky paranormal novella.
Last River To Cross

ABC RoomStrange Attractors is a kinky, short, polyamorous story of F/F romance.
Strange Attractors

Tomboy SlutThe Tomboy Slut series are 8 very kinky short stories about a nymphomaniac tomboy slut and a "Reluctant Dom".
Tomboy Slut

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The ABC Room

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ABC Room Cover

The ABC Room is a kinky short story in the erotica genre written in the first person. A typical college student, trying to stay afloat financially, answers a cryptic ad for sperm donors. Believing he is going to make a few easy bucks, quickly, he goes to the address in the add and actually finds the perfect job for a horny, destitute student, in a very exclusive BDSM dungeon. But he just might find love in a most unexpected place.

Liam Sage is a bright, dedicated pre-med student with raging hormones and a shriveled bank account. He depends on extra cash from selling his blood and especially his sperm. When he answers a cryptic two line ad for sperm donors, his life changes in a most unexpectedly beneficial way. He finds a job in a BDSM dungeon. It's a job he enjoys immensely; the money is good and the sexual perks are better. The only downside is that he falls in love with a woman he can't have ... or can he?

Caution, this is a short story in the erotica genre, where the main theme is breeding but includes bondage, cuckolding, menage, interracial, gangbang and oral and anal sex. It involves adult themes and should only be read by by adult readers, 18 and over. All characters depicted are 18 years of age or older and comfortable in their skin.

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